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- London Manuscript/ Recenzje -

 Traces of enrootment/belonging – a few words about searching for a universal value
(...) In the poetical world of London Manuscript, an individual can only be embedded/rooted in the Anglophone world if situated in the matrix of constant references to the European, Western heritage: thus a frequent use of iconic words such as: Nietzsche, Socrates, Siberia, postmodernism is in place. Even so, discovering one’s own self in such a world is a matter of one’s continuous endeavour to cognition and consolidation of his/her identity. To achieve this goal, a poetics of subtle sentimentalism and cliché is often employed. This kind of poetic imagery generates notions encoded in memory, and thus unblocks them in a situational context that is given to readers via the poetic situations, which evolve from detail and individuality to generalization and universalism. Yet, while we are familiarizing ourselves with scripts and illustrations of taming places/ideas/objects/history, we are witnessing the subject’s (cosmopolitan?) identity on the rise; the subject who is aware of his/her place and space where the Other (a newcomer from a Polish/different culture) and the culture that is foreign to him/her (though with its otherness and uniqueness) have a chance to meet. (...)
Dr Teresa Podemska – Abt
(PhD, Postgrad. BED/MEd c/w, MA)
The original title: Ślady zakorzenienia, czyli parę słów o tropieniu wartości uniwersalnych;

The California State Poetry Society literary blog (June 23 2021), published a review of "London Manuscript" (Poetry Space, Bristol),  written by Ted Smith -Orr.  
Na blogu literackim The Californian State Poetry Society (June 23 2021) ukazała sie recenzja "London Manuscript", wydanego przez Poetry Space w Bristolu. Autorem jest londyński poeta  z grupy Poets Anonymous Ted Smith -Orr.